Welcome to the world
where being open is
better for business, technology and democracy.



Wellington, NZ

  • Open Data Day

    7 July 2016

  • Open Source Hackathon

    20 August 2016

  • OS//OS Conference

    22-23 August 2016

Join a gathering of bright minds from across business, technology, government and community sectors.

Be inspired by NZ’s leaders and the global champions who are pioneering the way to a more open world.

Connect & share with the people who are thinking, working, making, building, debugging, designing, coding, managing, debating, advocating and implementing a more open world.

Learn how open principles can improve your work, your team, your business, your organisation, your city, your country and the world.

Welcome to the age of active participation.

Better for Business

Better for technology

Better for democracy

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We believe open principles can improve our businesses, improve the access and impact of technology and create a healthier democracy.

We champion the principles of




Freedom to Innovate

A more open world is a world that will work better for everyone

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