Welcome to the world
where being open is
better for business, technology and democracy.



Wellington, NZ

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  • Open Data Day

    7 July 2016

  • Open Source Hackathon

    20 August 2016

  • OS//OS Conference

    22-23 August 2016

We champion these principles of the open movement.




Freedom to Innovate

OS//OS will be a highly interactive event; a platform built to serve global leaders, local champions and the community building around them.

Our goal is to showcase, connect and amplify the impact of the people and organisations who are designing, sharing, building, making, working, exploring, debating, advocating and championing an open world.

Welcome to the age of active participation.

Welcome to the world where being open is better for business, technology and democracy.

Better for Business

Better for technology

Better for democracy

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An open call.

We are a passionate open community - one that is accessible to everyone and reflects the diversity in the world we share.

To really throw open the doors, widen the conversation, have the debates and grow the understanding of open principles we need diversity of thinking and opinion.

We particularly encourage the participation of women, people of colour, people with disabilities, those from the pacific, and people of other identities underrepresented in technology, business & democracy.

Do you want to speak or host content at the conference? Do you have a project you would like to share?

Can you think of someone great who you would love to see on stage, or beaming into Wellington?

Which organisations should be involved and in the room to participate?

Is there a burning question or topic you would love to see discussed or addressed?

Is there a project or initiative you would love to see profiled or talked about?

Are there just some thoughts about OS//OS you need to get off your mind?

Share your thoughts, requests, recommendations and ideas for OS//OS 2016

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